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Yesterday Once More by Dingyi Liu ('17)

Last summer I went back to China. I still remember how excited I was. I had all the beautiful images in my head: hanging out with friends, being drunk at night and singing songs to get home, talking to friends about funny things, doing what we used to do, and going to travel someplace new together. I finally arrived at the airport in China in the afternoon. “Already four years,” I said to myself. I called a taxi to get home. On the way home, I watched the scenery roll by the cab window. It didn’t change a lot, and I could still remember what was there.


The play itself is reflective of Peter Brook’s vision of theatre. Firstly, it shows Brook as a director committed to experimental theatre. Rejection of the traditional story-telling plot structure and conventional stage setting creates an emphasis on dialogue. Throughout the performance the actors reach out to the members of the audience, interact with them and strive to make them a part of the theatrical story-telling process.

A Night All About Beckett by Klara Kurti ('17)

In many theaters, when the lights turn off, the EXIT lights usually stay on, but the whole room was pitch black. No sounds were heard, no more whispers, not even heavy breathing. It almost felt as if I had fallen into a deep sleep but my mind was still awake and ready to process whatever was coming next.