ACES is an intimate, friendly, diverse student community within St. Joseph’s College. For this website, students are encouraged to share their artistic interests, hobbies, creative skills and hidden talents in addition to reflections on their academic pursuits and college life experiences. This site focuses on extending the ACES community from the classroom to the web by keeping students informed about upcoming ACES events, and providing access to academic advice and creative pursuits from fellow and former ACES students.


Past/Upcoming ACES Events

A Night in the City with Mormons

Although the show did not begin until 7:30 pm, my excitement kicked in during common hour. Instead of going home after school, I lingered around the ACES Center, counting down the minutes until 4:30 pm, when we grabbed some last minute snacks and departed for the city. 

American inventor Thomas Edison said, “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” Although time is a precious treasure given to us for free, it is the one prize we tend to lose track of the most. We are often told to make wise use of our time, and to take full advantage of it; however, we seem to turn ourselves towards the opposite end of the spectrum, causing us to regularly misconceive its value.