ACES is an intimate, friendly, diverse student community within St. Joseph’s College. For this website, students are encouraged to share their artistic interests, hobbies, creative skills and hidden talents in addition to reflections on their academic pursuits and college life experiences. This site focuses on extending the ACES community from the classroom to the web by keeping students informed about upcoming ACES events, and providing access to academic advice and creative pursuits from fellow and former ACES students.

A Piddling Peek into a Poet’s Life & The Writer’s Foundry at SJC by Tenzin Yingsal ('16)

For me, mostly, creative writing has been a private affair. I’ve always written, but rarely have I shared my work. It took over two years of marriage to even permit my husband to get a peek at poetry (when I finally did he read them on the subway and missed so many stops that I had to pick him up with our car).

                                                                                                                       —Catherine Meehan

The Summer Chronicles: The Girls, The Beaches, & The Mojitos by Klara Kurti ('17)

Towards mid-July we finally decided it was time for us to leave our family and begin traveling by ourselves. We packed our duffle bags and hit the road. Since Albania is mostly known for transportation with vans (not in a creepy way), we decided to hitch hike on the highway until we found a van that was heading towards our destination. Our first destination was to go south and see the coastline of Greece and Albania. The trip would take about five hours, but it had always been a dream of mine to go there.

To most people, New York City is all about lights, tall skyscrapers and fancy shops. The tourists all seem to be interested in visiting the famous Empire State building, Time Square and Central Park. Real New Yorkers, by contrast, prefer Starbucks to give them that same feeling of joy tourists feel. While many argue about the city’s main attraction, my favorite place in this hectic city is Washington Square Park located in Greenwich Village. I have been visiting the park since I was ten, and it has become a part of me.