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To most people, New York City is all about lights, tall skyscrapers and fancy shops. The tourists all seem to be interested in visiting the famous Empire State building, Time Square and Central Park. Real New Yorkers, by contrast, prefer Starbucks to give them that same feeling of joy tourists feel. While many argue about the city’s main attraction, my favorite place in this hectic city is Washington Square Park located in Greenwich Village. I have been visiting the park since I was ten, and it has become a part of me. 

When I was a high school junior in Woodland city, California, I lived with a host family that my school had found for me. Woodland Christian High School is two blocks away from Woodland downtown. My host father could not stop talking about how he disagreed with Obama’s policies, and he could argue politics with his friend for a whole afternoon. My host mother was Miss California in 1968, and she is now more than 300 pounds. She always tells everyone that ice cream is the reason she is this way.

A Night in the City with Mormons by Klara Kurti ('17)

Although the show did not begin until 7:30 pm, my excitement kicked in during common hour. Instead of going home after school, I lingered around the ACES Center, counting down the minutes until 4:30 pm, when we grabbed some last minute snacks and departed for the city.